Banger for Enail with pins
Heating Coil Attached to Banger
Oil Coil - Quartz Banger
quartz drop in for banger
Tweezers and quartz drop in for banger
dab tweezers with quartz drop in
Oil Coil - Quartz Banger
Oil Coil - Quartz Banger

Oil Coil - Quartz Banger

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100% triple blown quartz banger was explicitly designed to fit our oil coil and includes everything needed to attach your banger to the coil securely. The banger is 3mm thick, so it won't crack or break easily. 

The drop-ins are intended to keep your banger perfectly clean and allow for the best tasting hit while not wasting any material. Load the quartz drop in with your concentrates, use the heat resistant tweezers to drop it in the heated banger and place your carb cap over the banger until it is ready to vaporize!


  • 14mm quartz banger (3mm thick)
  • Banger width 19mm
  • Silicone attachment pin
  • Metal attachment clip


Additional Charge for

  • Heat Resistant Tweezers
  • x1 or x2 Quartz Drop-Ins
  • Universal Heating Coil not included