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Benifits of juicing

The cannabis industry has seen a significant surge in popularity in the last several years as more states move to legalize its medicinal and recreational use. This surge in popularity has changed the way people consume cannabis. What was once an industry known for smoking flower, cannabis has evolved to expand the methods to experience its benefits. Juice (also so known as dabs or rosin) has been key to changing how cannabis is used. Rosin is a high potent wax like substance that is extracted from the flower of the cannabis plant. Juicing offers many benefits which we will explore.  


Healthy alternative: Smoking flower can be a turn off for some people for health reasons. It is known to have an adverse effect on the respiratory system causing health issues like wheezing and coughing. There are even concerns that smoking flower frequently can produce a carcinogenic tar that fills the lungs due to the combustion of the plant material.  Many people are turning to vaping with juice to receive the same benefits of smoking without the negative respiratory side effects.


Potent and Efficient: Rosin is extremely potent compared to the full flower. While flower generally contains 15 to 25 percent THC, rosin from juicing may contain up to 80 percent THC. This level of potency offers many options that the traditional flower does not. The concentrated rosin produced by juicing can be dabbed or vaporized for a more effective and efficient effect. Extracting THC from the cannabis plant can be extremely difficult and dangerous with other methods.  Juicing flower takes minutes and only a very small amount of flower is needed. The potent rosin from juicing is a big benefit  vape users. The high concentration of THC in rosin causes a shorter reaction time to experience the benefits of vaping versus smoking flower.  


Cost Effective: A small amount of juice goes a long way. The potency of juice can extend the amount of time in-between medication sessions. Once you have juiced your flower, you can still make edibles with the left-over chips. Juicing can cut the cost of using flower in half .For example, for the same price of a joint you can have a couple big dabs and an edible.  


Social Stigma: Whether you are vaping, ingesting an edible or applying a topical cream, dabbing and many alternatives to smoking flower have helped eliminated the social stigma of using cannabis. Cannabis users can now consume their products in a more discrete manor. The juice produced for vaping reduces the pungent smell that lingers after smoking flower while maintaining the same effectiveness. Edible users have been able to ingest cannabis in various ways including candies and smoothies discreetly for years. Now thanks to the Ju1ceBox, cannabis consumer can enjoy dabbing quickly and access rosin anywhere.    

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