The White 13% CBG &  2.32 CBD

The White 13% CBG & 2.32 CBD

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This strain is the highest percentage of CBG cultivar in existence. This cannabinoid is quickly becoming recognized as (possibly being) a highly useful medicine, especially for inflammatory conditions such as IBS or glaucoma. It's most promising possibilities include slowing cancer growth rates, healing MRSA as an antibacterial agent, protecting neurons of those with Huntington's Disease, and controlling bladder dysfunction. The future is bright for the white!


Rosin return details

Rating – (C)  Low yielding strain but highest CBG on the market

Yield % - 8% yield

Color – Golden yellow

Cold plate – Not needed and Collects great at room temperature

Consistency – Very waxy and stable

Flavor profile – Earthy with a hint of pine

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