5 Ways to Consume Rosin

5 Ways to Consume Rosin

Rosin is one of the best types of concentrates you can use. It can be extracted from cannabis or hemp flower and you can even make rosin at home within minutes using a handy home rosin press. Not only is rosin highly potent and packed with cannabinoids, but it’s also a versatile product- there are various safe and effective ways to consume rosin and it’s worth trying all of them.

How you should use rosin largely depends on your personal preferences. For instance, some users might prefer a method of consumption that gives them stronger effects whereas others may prefer a method that’s easy and convenient. Some methods are also more enjoyable than others, but it’s worth experimenting with different methods and seeing which one is best for you. Here are 5 of the best ways to consume rosin.

1. Roll Rosin Into A Joint

If you’re looking for a straightforward way to get the effects of rosin, you might want to try rolling rosin into a joint. Rolling rosin by itself in a joint won’t work as it’ll simply stick to your rolling papers. However, if you mix it with cannabis or hemp flower, your rosin will burn along with the dried herbs resulting in some exceptionally potent hits.

Rolling a joint with rosin is easy. Just add your ground flower to a rolling paper as you usually would and, once you have enough, add a few dabs of rosin on top. You might want to heat your rosin first- this will make it more oil-like and easier to apply to a joint. Make sure you don’t use too much as even a small amount can significantly enhance the effects of your joint.

After you’ve added your rosin, you can finish rolling and tightening your joint. You can then smoke it by lighting the end of the joint and taking a drag from the filter. Keep in mind your joint will be much stronger than usual and, as such, you likely won’t need to take too many drags for satisfying effects.

Roll Rosin Into A Joint

2. Vape Rosin With A Vaporizer Or Vape Pen

Although adding rosin to a joint and smoking it is easy enough, many users find that vaping rosin is the best option. This is arguably just as easy and convenient, but it also offers a much smoother and safer experience. Plus, this method allows you to use rosin by itself without adding anything extra.

If you want to vape rosin, you’ll need a compatible device. That means you’ll need a concentrate vaporizer or dab pen. These devices allow you to add a small dab of rosin (or any other cannabis concentrate) to the chamber. After that, it’s as simple as applying your desired settings and starting the device up before taking a long, slow draw from the mouthpiece.

Vaping can give you even stronger effects than smoking, so you won’t have to take too many draws to get the benefits of your rosin. You can take as many hits as you’d like until you’re satisfied, then simply turn your device off and put it down until the next time you want a smooth hit of rosin vapor.

3. Use Rosin With A Dab Rig

If you want to experience the maximum potential of your rosin extracts, you’ll want to use rosin with a dab rig. Dabbing produces stronger effects than smoking or even vaping. However, you’ll need some special equipment, and setting up a dab rig is a little trickier than rolling a joint or setting up a vape pen.

A dab rig is a device that features a dab nail or banger- these are usually made of quartz or titanium, meaning they can withstand high temperatures without cracking. Most users use a dab torch to heat the banger until it’s hot enough to apply a dab of rosin. You can also use an E-Nail to get the temperature just right without any effort.

Once you apply your rosin to the banger, it’ll vaporize instantly and you can take a hit from the mouthpiece. The hits you’ll get from a dab rig are particularly potent and a single hit from a dab rig is usually enough for most users. However, users who want stronger effects can take another hit when they’re prepared.

Add Rosin To The Bowl Of Your Pipe Or Bong

4. Add Rosin To The Bowl Of Your Pipe Or Bong

Another one of the easiest ways to consume rosin is to add it to the bowl of your pipe or bong. Much like adding rosin to a joint, you’ll need to mix it with cannabis or hemp flower. This is because rosin will simply melt and stick to the glass if you don’t mix it with some dried herbs.

Start by adding your ground cannabis or hemp flower to the bowl of your device. Pack enough to fill the bottom of the bowl before adding a dab (or a few dabs) of Rosin on top. When you light your bowl, the rosin will burn along with the dried herbs and you’ll get a potent hit each time you inhale from the mouthpiece.

Your hits will be much stronger than usual as you’ll get the flavor and the effects of your rosin along with your weed. This makes for a unique experience as you can even get the effects of two strains at once.

5. Bake Rosin Into Edibles

You might even want to experience the effects of rosin by baking it into some tasty edible creations. This is the most complicated way to consume rosin, although it can be particularly enjoyable if you’re willing to put the effort in.

You’ll need to decarboxylate your rosin extracts before making edibles. This involves preheating an oven to 230-250°F, adding rosin in a heatproof glass container, and allowing it to heat for around 30-60 minutes until it stops bubbling.

After decarboxylating your rosin, you can mix it with a fat-based ingredient such as Coconut Oil or butter. You can then add your rosin-infused condiment to all kinds of delicious edibles such as chocolate, baked goods, or even savory meals such as pasta. You’ll only need a small amount as consuming rosin orally can result in super strong effects.


From smoking to vaping to making edibles, there are many great ways to consume rosin. Each method has pros and cons, but vaping rosin or using it with a Dab Rig are usually the best options. Fortunately, you can find everything you need for making and using rosin online at The Ju1ceBox.

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