About Us

About Us

Our journey began nearly four years ago when we started working on our first handheld rosin press unit. Fast forward to the present day, we have made our mark in the cannabis industry. We confidently carry expertly crafted personal rosin presses and rosin accessories. Our handheld rosin press will allow anyone to do a press and enjoy rosin in less than 2 minutes with no prior experience with rosin extraction.

Rosin extraction, production, sale and literally everything about rosin is extremely popular today. Since cannabis has been legalized, the demand for clean rosin concentrates has skyrocketed. The popularity of concentrates has fueled the demand for a clean and healthy way to enjoy cannabis. Since rosin production is the safest and fastest way to produce concentrates at home, it has quickly become the standard for homemade concentrates. We strongly felt the need for an easy to use, affordable rosin press because the commercial presses were more suitable for large spaces and experienced users.

Early 2015, nothing on the market catered to the average consumer and with little to no access to freshly extracted rosin, we had to create our rosin press at home. After breaking a few flatirons or hair straighteners, we bought the biggest tabletop press on the market. There was, in fact, little to be cheer about that because unfortunately, we did not realize how difficult it would be to achieve a high return rate on cannabis flower and it left us feeling as if it was too commercial and not a personal rosin press. It was too commercial for us and a normal consumer. Looking for solutions, we came up with the idea of a portable rosin press.

The quality of cannabis combined with pressure, heat and time plays a significant role in the quality of rosin and yield. This, in turn, leads us to measure the pressure and temperature applied for extraction. We quickly realized not all strains are equal and there are a lot of factors that can change the quality of your rosin or the yield. The huge variations we had between different presses and strains led us wanting something faster and easier to use.

Our initial analysis was that rosin production had a lot of room for improvement regarding the production techniques (time, temperature) as well as the mechanical properties (Plate size and pressure). Our improvements not only improved the overall yield of rosin being produced but also made it possible to achieve the best quality rosin with one press!

Temperature control

Temperature control can be a positive benefit, provided you know the exact temperature and time of the thousands of different cannabis strains available or you are willing to waste a lot of material and time trying to find the perfect combination of heat and time.

If you press the flower on a low temperature, it tends to be more flavorful rosin and better product, but you’ll have smaller yield or must do numerous presses. Too much time with a low-temperature press could cook the rosin into the flower and you will never get it out besides smoking it or baking it. If you pressed on a high temperature you will generally have a bigger yield but risk burning the rosin and smoking it off as it tries to escape the heat. Hopefully, this sheds some light on the significance of temperature control on a press.

With our handheld rosin press, we have always advertised that anyone will get his/her required quality of rosin in less than two minutes with one press because of our gradual temperature climb. We aim to help our customers produce top quality rosin without a 2nd or 3rd press! A perfect press requires a measured combination of heat/ time and surface/pressure.

Benefits of pressing rosin yourself!

Without any doubt, we must admit today that the cannabis industry is being acknowledged today worldwide and it is thriving at an enormous speed. With so many states legalizing cannabis today, it is more than a smoking flower now. Its popularity for medical as well as recreational uses demands the need for developing efficient and cost-effective concentrates (rosin) today. A few of the benefits can surely be discussed below:


All the experts agree that rosin is more effective than cannabis flower since it contains 80 percent THC as compared to merely 15-25 percent contained in a flower. The high concentration of THC in rosin causes a shorter reaction time to experience the benefits of using a vape versus smoking flower. 

Healthy alternative

Smoking by any definition and logic has hazardous effects on the respiratory system. For some people, it is a total Big NO, since they are prone to respiratory conditions like wheezing, coughing and smoking is quite a trigger in this case. Additionally, another harm of smoking flower is the production of carcinogenic tar in the respiratory tissues due to combustion. On the other hand, vaping with rosin involves no burning and hence less severe for respiratory organs.


Rosin is a concentrated oil and compared with other options like joints etc, it is much cost-effective because it can be used for a longer time and only a small amount is enough for single-time use. Also once rosin is extracted, the residual flower can be used as an edible. Since you get rosin and edible chips in one go, it is more economical than smoking your flower.