About us

  Our story begins like most, out of necessity. As the demand for rosin, grew we wanted to figure out a safe, easy and efficient way to produce high quality rosin. We lived in a community with little to no access to rosin, so we had to create our own. After trials of using flatirons (producing questionable results), we thought, there must be a better way. So we began working on one of the first handheld essential oil extractor to solve this problem. The Ju1ceBox is American-crafted, industrial strength and engineered for personal use. We ensure that each press is the perfect heat and pressure allowing everyone to create high quality rosin in less than 2 minutes! When used properly our customers should yield 20% return on each press.  Along with providing a premium product we are committed to providing world class customer service. We are excited to share our product with the world, so everyone can safely and easily create their own rosin at home.