How To Get The Biggest Rosin Yield

Using a rosin press is incredibly easy. You simply add a cannabis flower, and press. That’s it! But is there more to it?

There sure is!

When it comes to maximizing your rosin yield, technique plays an important role. In this post, we’re going to give you some of our favorite little tricks to help you get the biggest rosin yield. Let’s dig in.

1. Use A High-quality Flower

A high-quality flower is the most important factor on your rosin yield. When it comes to the type of bud you use to make rosin, the most expensive doesn’t always turn out to be the best. If you’re getting below-average rosin, you should consider using a different strain.

It’s difficult to know which rosin strains are best, but it does seem that certain strains of cannabis flowers produce more than others. There may be some trial and error involved when finding the perfect cannabis flower for high-yield rosin, but quality is likely the single most important factor. While looking for good flower try to find any strains with gorilla glue #4 or cookies lineage as they tend to have the highest return rate.

2. Check The Moisture Content

Another important factor determining rosin yield is the relative humidity and moisture content. If you have dry cannabis, most of the necessary terpenes to make the rosin have already been evaporated. This mean you will have a lot more contaminate with dry material. If anything sticks outside the plates, it will act as a sponge and saturate the rosin before it has a chance to escape. To avoid this when using your rosin press, always make sure to keep the relative humidity content between 55 and 62 percent.

How do you check the moisture content? Easy - just use an analog or digital hygrometer. If your humidity is too low, you can try using pre-set humidity packs or our Boveda 2 Way Humidity Control for just $3 a pouch. These humidity packs can be a huge help if a high rosin yield is an important concern.

3. Test Your Strains

If you’re not getting a high rosin yield, you might be starting with buds that just are not good rosin strains. Not all strains will have a good rosin yield. Find 3-5 strains and press a small nug to measure the return rate. If the strains presses good we recommend saving it all for pressing into rosin and we would not recommend pressing the lower yielding strains.  

While looking for good flower try to find any strains with gorilla glue #4 or cookies lineage as they tend to have the highest return rate.

4. Use A 90 Micron Rosin Bag

You can use the handheld rosin press without a bag, but we still recommend that it should be used regardless. With any press over 2 grams, we recommend using a micron bag. Otherwise, plant matter will remain in your rosin, preventing you from acquiring the best quality and yield. For the most optimal results, it is important to use a rosin bag with the right width.

We advise using our 90 Micron Rosin Bags for optimal results. Using anything below 90 microns will negatively affect your yield. This negative effect occurs when the rosin is absorbed it into the micron bag, decrease the amount of the rosin. Anything above 90 microns will not filter very well, therefore creating small levels of contaminate in the rosin.

We also recommend turning the rosin bags inside out and cutting off any extra that is not needed.

5. Time To Step Up the Pressing

Now that you have found the best strains and tested each for specific results, it is time to get the biggest yield.

We recommend our stainless steel pre-press, because pucks up to 2 grams can fit perfectly into our handheld rosin press. The pre-press will allow you to easily double the amount of resin you produce, thus guaranteeing the biggest yields possible!

The tabletop units have a stainless steel 2" x 2" prepress, capable of perfectly fitting 14 gram pucks for the plates.

The handheld unit maintains temperature for you but with the tabletop, temperature control can be a little tricky. If you apply too much heat, you’ll lose a lot of flavor. Inversely, if you apply too little, your yield’s purity will be inconsistent.

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