How to Use a Rosin Press

How to Use a Rosin Press

If you want to make your cannabis buds even more potent and flavorful, then you’ll want to learn how to use a rosin press. Rosin is one of the many great types of cannabis concentrates that can be extracted from cannabis. Not only will rosin give you potent effects even with just a small amount, but it’s also one of the easiest cannabis extracts to make at home.

There are many types of cannabis concentrates out there, such as wax and Live Resin. The problem is that many of these are made using complex extraction processes involving special equipment and solvents such as butane. As such, they can be dangerous to make at home. In contrast, rosin can be made simply by applying heat and pressure to cannabis, and using a rosin press makes the whole process even smoother. Here’s how.

What Is A Rosin Press?

Rosin is a wax-like form of cannabis resin that can be extracted from cannabis buds. While many cannabis concentrates or “dabs” require complex extraction processes, rosin is easy enough for anyone to make at home simply by applying heat and pressure to cannabis. While some people make rosin using hair straighteners, using a rosin press is the most effective approach.

A rosin press is a tool that’s designed specifically for creating rosin dabs. It features flat iron plates that are used to compress your cannabis while also applying a high level of heat. Rosin will emerge from your product immediately, which you can then scoop using a collection tool and store it away.

Using a rosin press is a fantastic way to get the most out of your products. If you enjoy cannabis flower, then trying it in rosin form can give you even harder-hitting effects. Plus, you can also extract rosin from other products such as hash, kief, and hemp flower. You’ll end up with an easy-to-use extract that you can mix into a joint or bowl, vape, or even dab for extra-strong effects.

What You Need To Make Rosin With A Rosin Press

What You Need To Make Rosin With A Rosin Press

Before you try making rosin, you’re going to need to pick up a few things. In addition to the rosin press itself, you’re also going to need a product such as cannabis flower for extraction, a small storage container, and potentially other accessories such as rosin bags. Fortunately, all of these things can easily be bought online.

You can buy rosin presses online in many forms depending on how good you want your rosin to be. Cannabis manufacturers often use large, industrial rosin presses for extracting as much rosin as possible. However, even a simple portable rosin press can be used for making high-quality rosin dabs in minutes, and they’re easy enough for anyone to use.

As for what to use for extraction, you have many options. Cannabis flower is ideal for creating high-THC rosin extracts. You can also use kief or hash if you prefer. These products are only legally available in certain states, but anyone can use hemp flower or kief for a non-psychoactive alternative.

Certain accessories can also help with the rosin extraction process. You’ll need to wrap your chosen product in parchment paper before extracting rosin to stop it from sticking to the plates. You’ll also need Rosin Bags if you’re planning to extract rosin from kief or hash. You should also get some Silicone Containers and a Collection Tool for scooping and storing your Rosin.

How To Use A Rosin Press

Once you have everything you need, the process of using a rosin press and making quality rosin is surprisingly easy. Before you start, you’ll need to get your chosen product ready. Cannabis or hemp flower should be placed between two pieces of parchment paper. Kief or hash should be placed in a rosin bag before being wrapped in parchment paper.

Preheat your rosin press by turning it on. If your rosin press has adjustable temperature settings, then 220-250°F is ideal for extracting higher yields of rosin. However, lower temperatures of 150-220°F will give you more terpenes, resulting in more flavorful rosin dabs.

Once the plates are hot, apply some gloves and place your wrapped cannabis or hemp between the plates. You can then press down on the packaged product firmly for a few seconds and you’ll notice rosin emerge from the edges. It usually only takes a single press to extract plenty of rosin, although you may want to repeat the process to extract more.

After extracting your rosin, turn your rosin press off and allow the finished product to cool. You may even want to place it in the fridge briefly. Once it’s cool enough, use your collection tool to scoop up all of the rosin and place it in a small silicone or glass container. You can then use it whenever you wish.

Is Using A Rosin Press The Best Option

Is Using A Rosin Press The Best Option?

Using a Rosin Press isn’t the only option for making homemade rosin. Making Rosin with a Hair Straightener is a very popular approach and many users find decent results from this. However, using a rosin press is the absolute best potion for making rosin at home for various reasons.

While hair straighteners can apply heat and pressure to your cannabis, they’re not designed for creating rosin. As such, the extracts you create using this method will be less than satisfactory and you may even end up ruining your hair straightener or your rosin.

A rosin press is designed for creating high-quality rosin within minutes. Setup is easy, the plates are designed to give you satisfying yields, and you’ll be impressed with the finished products. What’s more, home rosin presses are effective, easy-to-use, and affordable, so there’s no excuse not to have one if you’re serious about making rosin.


Making Rosin at home with a rosin press is as easy as turning it on, pressing down on your packaged cannabis or hemp, and collecting the fruits of your (very quick and easy) labor. 

Homemade rosin presses are available to everybody, and you can even buy extra accessories online for extracting high-quality rosin. You can find everything you need as well as helpful guides on making and using rosin right here at The Ju1cebox.

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