Is The Ju1ceBox The Best Rosin Press? The Ju1ceBox vs. Competitors

If you want to make high-quality cannabis and hemp extracts at home, a rosin press is the perfect tool for it. A rosin press applies heat and pressure to your products to extract high levels of cannabinoids and terpenes within minutes, leaving you with potent and flavorful Rosin that you can smoke or vape. So what’s the best rosin press to use?

There are various brands of rosin press out there- some which offer household models and some which offer large, industrial rosin presses. The Ju1ceBox offers a range of rosin presses to suit every user, whether you’re trying to make a small amount of rosin at home or a high amount.  Here’s an in-depth breakdown of how The Ju1ceBox compares to its competitors.

The Ju1ceBox vs. Competitors

When looking for the best rosin press, there are various brands and models to consider. Some of the most popular include The Ju1ceBox, MyPress, Rosin Tech Smash, Sasquatch Half Squish, and the Pure Pressure Helix Twist. Each model has its pros and cons, so here’s a handy chart to break down each factor.

Product Features

One of the first things to consider when choosing the best rosin press is what exactly it offers. For the best rosin extracts possible, you’ll want a device that offers features such as dual-plate temperature control, as well as a device that can apply plenty of pressure to your products to extract as much Rosin as possible.

The Ju1ceBox, Sasquash Half Squish, and Pure Pressure Helix Twist all offer dual-plate temperature control, allowing you to finetune the temperature of your plates for optimal extraction. The MyPress and Rosin Tech Smash don’t offer this feature, although they can still work fairly well for rosin extraction.

As for pressure, the Sasquash Half Squish applies the most pressure, followed by The Ju1ceBox and the Pure Pressure Helix Twist. With that said, other factors such as price and size make The Ju1ceBox a much more attractive option to its competitors, offering a wide range of easy-to-use features including temperature control, time control, and plenty of pressure at a fraction of the cost and size of the other devices.

Product Size

When you’re buying a rosin press, size is important. Licensed manufacturers who need a rosin press for commercial purposes might enjoy having a large, industrial-scale rosin press, but users who simply want to extract Rosin at home will likely prefer a modestly-sized tabletop rosin press.

The Pure Pressure Helix Twist is the largest device by far, with 4.5” x 2.5” plates and a total size of 4644 cubic inches. It’s also the heaviest device at 65lbs. In comparison, the second-largest device, the Rosin Tech Smash, is 1,400 cubic inches and 40lbs. The MyPress is the next largest device at 1,026 cubic inches, albeit it’s also the lightest at 12.9 lbs.

Those who want a smaller device capable of high levels of pressure might be attracted to the Sasquash Half Squish, which is 910 cubic inches and 34lbs. However, Ju1ceBox is arguably the most attractive option in terms of size. At just 420 cubic inches and 25lbs, this device is light and portable while still being able to manage high-quality Rosin extraction for all purposes.


Price is another crucial factor to consider when you’re investing in a rosin press. After all, you want a device that’s going to give you excellent value for your money. These five popular devices vary significantly in price, which might make the choice easy for some.

The Pure Pressure Helix Twist ($2,995) and Sasquash Half Squish ($2,109) are the most expensive devices by far. Companies looking to invest in a large and expensive rosin press with dual-plate temperature control might be interested in one of these, but they’ll likely be out of the price range for many users.

The Rosin Tech Smash ($545) and MyPress ($479) are cheaper options, although they don’t offer as much in terms of features. The Ju1ceBox ($299) offers the best value for money by far. Not only is it the cheapest option, but it offers many of the same features as the higher-end devices (such as high pressure and dual-plate temperature control) at a fraction of the cost.

Product Range

These five devices are among the most popular choices for users looking for a rosin press, but many of these brands also offer other models. You might want to look further into their product range when looking to buy a rosin press.

Pure Pressure and Sasquash offer a range of other rosin presses, although these are generally large, expensive rosin presses that cost even more than the Helix Twist and Half Squish. MyPress focuses mainly on its MyPress Gen 2 model, but Rosin Tech offers a nice selection of devices for different purposes.

Ju1ceBox also offers a range of devices to suit every user’s needs. For instance, beginner users who want an affordable and easy-to-use device can get the handheld Ju1ceBox Rosin Press for just $99.99 or Ju1ceBox Rosin Press Starter Kit at $149.99. 

The Twist Top Rosin Press is a excellent options to suit rosin press for personal or commercial purposes. These devices are capable of high levels of pressure on top of packing plenty of features at affordable costs.

You can also buy the Small 2 Ton Bottle Jack Rosin Press right now at 40% off. This incredible device offers all of the same features as the high-scale industrial rosin presses at a fraction of the cost, giving you premium-quality rosin extraction at the best value for your money.


If you’re looking for a rosin press, there are many brands and models available catering to both personal use and high-scale commercial purposes. While all of these are worth considering, The Ju1ceBox offers a range of high-quality devices at much better prices than its competitors, making it the best rosin press on the market right now.

To check out a range of premium-quality rosin presses, as well as all of the rosin press accessories and add-ons you could need, visit The Ju1ceBox now.

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