Making Rosin with a Hair Straightener

Making Rosin with a Hair Straightener

If you want to try making dabs at home, then making rosin with a hair straightener is a fun project to take on. Rosin is a cannabis concentrate that’s oil and amber-like in appearance. While many cannabis concentrates are made using solvents, rosin is extracted with a solventless process that’s easy enough to carry out at home with just a few basic pieces of equipment.

You’ll be surprised at just how easy it is to make rosin, and once you do, you’ll want to get the best out of all your favorite strains of marijuana. So what do you need to make rosin at home and what are the pros and cons of making it with a hair straightener? Here’s a handy guide to help out.

Why Make Rosin At Home?

Rosin is a solventless cannabis concentrate that packs high THC levels. While your average strain of weed usually contains 15-25% THC, rosin is significantly more powerful and you only need a small amount to get powerful effects. It can also be used in numerous ways, including adding it to a joint or bowl or vaping it for an even more intense experience.

You can make rosin out of any marijuana strain you like. Whether you prefer the effects of relaxing indica strains or stimulating sativa strains, you can enhance them by extracting rosin from your weed. You can even make rosin using high-CBD strains, giving you a potent CBD concentrate.

The real benefit of making rosin at home is that it’s easy enough for anybody to do. You don’t need any special knowledge or expensive lab equipment. All you’ll need are a few basic pieces of household equipment that anyone can get their hands on and a stash of your favorite weed or kief.

Why Make Rosin At Home

What Do You Need To Make Rosin With a Hair Straightener

Before you delve into making rosin, you’re going to need to ensure you have everything you need first. Naturally, a hair straightener will be required. While pretty much any hair straightener can work, you’ll ideally want one with plenty of power and enough space to flatten your stash of weed sufficiently. It also helps to have a hair straightener with adjustable settings- this can help prevent burning the rosin (most straighteners are too high heat).

You’ll also need some parchment paper to wrap your stash of weed before undergoing the extraction process. This ensures that you can collect the rosin after it’s been extracted and that it doesn’t simply stick to the blades of your straighteners. You might also want a Rosin Extraction Bag. These are small mesh bags that can be used to contain your product. Rosin bags are optional if you’re using weed but necessary if you plan to use dry sift (kief) or Hash.

Finally, you’ll need your chosen product. You can use any strain of weed you want, whether you prefer indica, sativa or hybrid effects. Alternatively, you can use kief or Hash to make rosin. If you want to consume cannabinoids but aren’t interested in getting high, you might want to buy CBD strains online.

Making Rosin With a Hair Straightener

Once you have the things you need, it’s time to start making rosin with a hair straightener. There are a few other things it helps to have- protective gloves will ensure you don’t accidentally burn yourself, a dabbing tool or collection tool can make it easier to collect your rosin, and a small glass lip balm container is ideal for storing your rosin.

Start by taking your stash of weed and putting it between two pieces of parchment paper (or one piece of the parchment paper folded in half). Make sure your weed stays in the middle so that rosin can seep out the sides. If you’re using kief or Hash, put them in a rosin extraction bag before wrapping it in parchment paper.

Turn your hair straightener on to the lowest setting- a temperature between 280-330°F is best. Once your straightener is hot, take your package of weed (or kief/Hash) and place it in the middle of your hair straightener blades (it’s best to wear gloves for this). Press down firmly for at least 3-7 seconds and you’ll hear a sizzle- this is the rosin being extracted from the weed.

You might want to repeat this process a couple of times to extract more rosin. Once you’re satisfied, take the package away from the hair straightener and use a collection tool to slowly collect the rosin that has emerged from the weed. Place it in a small glass container and you can use it whenever you wish.

Drawbacks of Making Rosin With a Hair Straightener

Drawbacks of Making Rosin With a Hair Straightener

Many users who make rosin for the first time use a hair straightener. After all, it’s easy, inexpensive, and can be done with just a few pieces of household equipment. However, while this method can work surprisingly well, you might want to upgrade if you want higher-quality rosin.

The hair straightener method is used sometimes for beginners who want to test out rosin. But if you enjoy it, you might want to upgrade to a rosin press. While some rosin presses are expensive and require a lot of space, fortunately, there is an alternative that’s fairly portable, beginner-friendly, and can give you high-quality rosin right at home.

The Ju1cebox Rosin Press Starter Kit is perfect for users who want to make satisfying homemade rosin whenever they want. Not only do you get a convenient handheld rosin press, but it also comes with everything you need for the extraction process. You can even get a gram of Hemp Flower to use with it.

If you are plan to produce rosin on a large scale or need 10+ grams of rosin a month a table top rosin press would be a good choice. Table top presses often have plates recommend to press 1/4 to 1/2 ounce of material at a time for the best results. The temperature control allows for a more precise temperature but always requires a 2nd or 3rd press. If you are looking for a larger press check out our lever action rosin presstwist top rosin press and our small 2 ton bottle jack press.


Making rosin with a hair straightener is easy, inexpensive, and surprisingly effective. No matter what kind of strain you use, you can end up with some pretty satisfying rosin to vape, dab or add to weed. However, if you want to improve your homemade rosin game, you can find many affordable high-quality products to use at The Ju1cebox.

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