Why you should make rosin at home

Why You Should Make Cannabis Rosin at Home

    The proliferation of legal cannabis in the U.S. has also lead to the proliferation of many different types of cannabis extracts sometimes called hash, budder, wax, shatter, or oil (just to name a few) which are all highly concentrated collections of tiny glands called trichomes that form on the surface of cannabis plants. In addition, there are many different ways to extract the trichomes from a cannabis plant which all produce products with varying degrees of purity and, of course, the more pure the extract is, the more THC per gram it will contain and thus, the more intense the experience it will engender in the user. Therefore, the purest form of cannabis extract is of course the most sought after and, the most expensive to purchase.

However, by employing a portable rosin press, a person can easily make their own extremely pure cannabis rosin at home with relative ease.

What is Cannabis Rosin?

    So, exactly what is cannabis rosin? Well, as mentioned above, both male and female cannabis plants produce tiny glands that grow on the surface of their stems, leaves, and buds which contain the psychoactive compound we call THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) along with the non-psychoactive compound CBD and several other Cannabinoids as well as various Terpenes. Thus, because all of the desirable compounds are all contained in the plant’s trichomes rather than in the plant’s cells, by extracting and collecting the trichomes without contaminating them by including plant matter, it’s possible to produce the most highly concentrated form of trichomes which, when subjected to heat, will then melt and vaporize for toke of pure cannabis concentrate.

Why You Should Make Cannabis Rosin at Home

So, now that you know what cannabis rosin is, you may be wondering how it compares to other forms of cannabis concentrates such as PHO (Propane Hash Oil) which is less popular and, BHO (Butane Hash Oil) which is arguably the single most popular form of creating a cannabis concentrate and, solventless cannabis concentrates such as dry sift and bubble hash?

    Well, the answer to that question is that using a rosin press to collect cannabis rosin creates a product that rivals the purity of the finest grades of both dry sift and bubble hash and is actually more pure than that produced by using a solvent like alcohol, propane, or butane to extract the trichomes because cannabis rosin is made by gently heating and compressing cannabis and thus, it lacks the residue left behind when the solvents are evaporated.

    Consequently, for good reason, both cannabis rosin and portable rosin presses have been gaining popularity both in the cannabis industry and among cannabis consumers in recent years. Fortunately for cannabis consumers, one truly excellent tool for the job is the Juice Box handheld rosin press which is a compact rosin press specifically designed for making cannabis rosin at home or on the go. The unique design prevents the plates from burning the terpenes while also directing the flow of the rosin and, the gradual heating of the two metal plates guarantees the maximum possible yield without the need to press your cannabis a second or third time. Thus, the Juice Box handheld rosin press is both efficient and affordable!

Why You Should Use a Juice Box Handheld Rosin Press

While there are several different companies these days who are manufacturing rosin presses, the large majority of such presses are designed for tabletop use and thus, they are somewhat large and bulky machines designed for high quantity output. However, the Juice Box handheld rosin press alleviates that issue with its lightweight, compact, design which makes it a very easy machine to use.

    Ergonomically designed, the Juice Box handheld rosin press features a pair of convenient padded handles which enable the user to easily apply the necessary pressure to the heated plates situated between the machine’s jaws and thus, The Juice Box handheld rosin press provides home users with a compact, lightweight, and convenient means of extracting cannabis rosin at home for a fraction of the cost of purchasing it at a dispensary.

    Therefore, the future of solventless cannabis extracts certainly looks bright and, if you are one of those cannabis consumers who haven’t tried cannabis rosin yet, you’re certainly going to want to! In fact, solventless cannabis extracts and, cannabis rosin in particular, are the freshest, fastest-growing trend in the cannabis industry and it is likely that they will continue to gain popularity due to their purity and their extremely high THC levels.

    In addition, many cannabis consumers have reported that by collecting the rosin from their cannabis, they find that the rosin lasts longer than the cannabis itself. Plus, they still have a wafer left after pressing that they can use for making cannabis edibles. So, if you are a cannabis consumer who has a need to make no more than two or three grams of rosin a month, then the Juice Box handheld rosin press is the perfect choice for you!