Small Rosin Bags - 15,25,37,90,120 Micron
Small Rosin Bags - 15,25,37,90,120 Micron
Small Rosin Bags - 15,25,37,90,120 Micron
Small Rosin Bags - 15,25,37,90,120 Micron
Small Rosin Bags - 15,25,37,90,120 Micron
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Small Rosin Bags - 15,25,37,90,120 Micron
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Small Rosin Bags - 15,25,37,90,120 Micron
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Small Rosin Bags - 15,25,37,90,120 Micron
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Small Rosin Bags - 15,25,37,90,120 Micron
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Small Rosin Bags - 15,25,37,90,120 Micron

Small Rosin Bags - 15,25,37,90,120 Micron

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Our Rosin Bags work well for Shake, Kief, Hash, and Flower, so whichever material you want to use to make Rosin, these bags will help you get the high-quality Rosin you’re looking for. These micron bags don’t just make using a Rosin Press easier, they can also help filter out contaminants and give you purer and safer Rosin.


Rosin is one of the easiest cannabis concentrates to make. With a Handheld Rosin Press and some Kief, Hash, or Flower, you can make high-quality Rosin at home whenever you want. However, there are a few other things you might need. For instance, if you want to make your Rosin even better, you’ll need to grab some Rosin Bags.


  • 1.25" x 3.25" (Ju1ceBox Handheld Rosin Press)


  • 15,25,37,90,120 microns
  • High-grade Nylon
  • Extra strength stitching to prevent blowouts
  • Double-stitched
  • Pre Folded inside out for the highest rosin yields


 What are Rosin Bags?

Rosin Bags are small mesh bags that can be used for extracting Rosin from Hash, Kief, Flower, or Shake. Rosin Bags are essential for making high-quality Rosin from Hash and Kief. Although you can extract Rosin from Flower or Shake simply by placing it between two pieces of parchment paper, using a Rosin Bag usually gives you much better results.

Your Rosin Bags can be filled with your material before pressing. As such, it’ll be much easier to scoop up the Rosin you produce without it sticking to parchment paper. You’ll find that using Rosin Bags makes it much easier to press your material thoroughly and extract as much Rosin as possible.

How To Use Rosin Bags

Using Rosin Bags is a fairly easy process, although you’ll have to adapt your approach depending on what kind of material you’re using for extraction. If you’re using Flower, it’s best not to grind it- this will give you more potent and flavorful Rosin. Fill your Rosin bag from the bottom but leave some space at the top so it’s not too full. Fold and seal the bag and press down on the flower to spread it out.

If you’re using Hash or Kief, fill your Rosin bag with your material but leave at least half an inch at the top so it isn’t too full. You might want to use a funnel for adding your Hash or Kief to the bag. Once it’s filled, fold over the top of the bag to seal it and press down on the bag to spread the material out.

It’s best to press your Flower at around 200-225ºF for around 30 seconds and Hash or Kief at a lower temperature of around 160-180ºF for at least 60 seconds. However, every material and product is different and you may want to experiment with different temperatures and times to see what works best for you.

Rosin Bags help contain your Flower, Hash, or Dry Sift when you’re extracting Rosin from them. Simply put your product inside the bag, wrap a piece of parchment paper around it, and you can place it on the plates of your Rosin Press without worrying about losing any Rosin.

Rosin Bag Micron Sizes

You can buy Rosin Bags online and they come in various sizes. Whether you should use 1.25” x 3.25” or 2” x 4.5” bags depends on the size of your plates, but you’ll notice there are also various micron sizes. Each micron suits a different purpose, so here’s a breakdown of which Rosin Bag Micron Size you should use.

15 Micron

The smaller the micron size, the finer the mesh will be. 15 Micron Rosin Bags are the finest option available. In many cases, it’s best not to use these as they’ll stop you from getting an optimal yield. However, they can come in handy for extra-fine materials.

If you’re trying to extract Rosin from crumbly Dry Sift or Bubble Hash, you might want to try a 15 Micron bag. These bags will prevent the material from spilling out of the bag while you’re pressing and you can extract Rosin without any worries.

25 Micron

The next step up from 15 Micron Rosin Bags is 25 Micron Rosin Bags. These bags are strong and offer very fine holes for your Rosin to seep through. As such, their use isn’t too different from 15 Micron Bags, although you might prefer the higher micron size.

These bags are worth using if you’re extracting rosin from fine Dry Sift or Bubble Hash, and you’ll often end up with a better yield than you would with 15 Micron Bags. You might want to test both to see which works better for your product.

37 Micron

37 Micron Rosin Bags are one of the best options. These bags are just the right size to fit many purposes, and you can extract Rosin from Dry Sift, Hash, or Cannabis Flower using 37 Micron Bags, although whether you should use them depends on how much you’re using and what kind of yield you’re looking for.

These bags will give you an excellent yield of Rosin from Hash and Kief. They can also give you a decent yield of Cannabis Flower or Trim at excellent quality, although you might want to use a larger micron size for a higher yield.

90 Micron

A significant jump from 37 Micron Bags, 90 Micron Bags should not be used for Dry Sift or Hash. These bags have larger holes and are best-suited to extracting Rosin from Cannabis or Hemp Flower and Trim.

Using a 90 Micron Bag for Flower or Trim will give you a higher yield than using 37 Micron Bags. Not only will you get more Rosin, but the quality of the Rosin you extract will still be great. 90 Micron Bags are an ideal option if you’re looking to extract Rosin from Flower.

120 Micron

If you want an even larger mesh, you can use 120 Micron Rosin Bags. While these aren’t useful if you’re extracting Rosin from Hash or Kief, they can be useful if you’re using Flower and want an excellent yield.

The difference between 90 Micron Bags and 120 Micron Bags is that 120 Micron Bags will give you a larger yield, albeit the quality might not be as great as you’d get from 90 Micron Bags. They’re also better for fresh and sticky buds, whereas lower microns should be used for dry buds.


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