Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Ju1ceBox work?

 The Ju1ceBox is engineered to ensure the perfect combination of heat and pressure to a surface area for personal use. Its compact size makes it not only portable, but also a fraction of the cost compared to similar products on the market. With no need for dangerous gases or large hydraulic components, anyone can safely access solvent-less extracts. Our product will help you Ju1ce in just minutes! 


 Tips for best results

 1. Quality: The quality of rosin depends on the quality of the herb. The best results are produced with material that has a pungent aroma. These herbs are full of terpenes. Terpenes contain the medicinal properties of the plant.  

2. Humidity: Avoid using dry or older material. As any plant material ages, the terpenes disintegrate into the air and will produce a lower quality product. 62% relative humidity works best for preserving most terpenes. So, make sure there is significant moisture. 

3. Alignment: When using the Ju1ceBox, it important that there is no material overhanging. This means that the herb should be completely inside the plates. Any overhang acts like a sponge and will soak up any product it comes into contact with.  

4. Pressure: Pressure is very important when using the Ju1ceBox. Make sure the material is aligned. Once it is aligned, apply full hand pressure using both hands before turning on the Ju1ceBox. Squeeze with entire hand strength.     



 Does the Ju1ceBox have a temperature control? How hot does it get?

 The plates gradually increase from room temperature to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. There is no temperature control. However because of our design the temperature control is not as important as you might think. Once the material is locked in, the gradual heating process pushes all the juice out from between the plates to a safe cool zone. This is important to preserve all the terpenes and allow for the best yields possible!!   



How does the Ju1ceBox apply pressure to work effectively?

 The Ju1cebox was engineered to take your full hand pressure and magnify it on to a small surface area. Once full pressure has been applied, the Ju1cebox will lock in place holding up to 300lbs of pressure. This design with our heating process allows anyone to achieve maximum yields possible.      



Can I use it for hash or kief?

 Yes.  As long as you can keep any material from hanging off the plates you can juice it. This includes hash or kief. A small micron bag is recommended when jucing other concentrates.     



What’s a common Return rate?

 This is primarily determined by the starting material. The Ju1ceBox will show you how good your flower really is. Average flower should yield 14-20%, Good flower can get a consistent 20%-25% or up to 30% return rate! The Ju1ceBox allows the average adult consumer to easily, achieve right physical conditions to have a maximum fresh yield daily.   


 How do I know my Ju1ceBox not going to break?

 All parts of our products are made with the best quality material. We engineered each component to withstand extended use without breaking. Everything is assembled by hand in America, to assure best quality control possible. 



 What kind of warranty does the Ju1ceBox come with? 

All of our products come with a standard 60 day warranty. This covers any factory defects or any defective unit within 60 days. The unit will be replaced no questions asked with shipping covered both ways. We love our customers and will always try to accommodate the best we can. 



Do we offer wholesale prices? 

Yes, the Ju1ceBox offers competitive wholesale pricing for qualified distributors. Send all email inquiries to: