How To Clean Up Rosin Press Platens?

How To Clean Up Rosin Press Platens

The best way to make high-quality rosin at home is by using a Home Rosin Press. These machines are capable of producing satisfying batches of rosin from flower, kief, or hash. The process involves pressing your chosen material between two heated plates or platens. But after pressing, you might wonder how to clean up rosin press platens.

Fortunately, rosin press machines are very low maintenance. In most cases, you can avoid getting your plates messy and won’t need to clean them often. With that said, you should still clean your platens now and then to avoid the buildup of debris or bacteria. Here’s a helpful guide on how to clean your rosin press plates.

How To Collect Rosin From Your Platens

If you want to avoid constantly needing to clean up your rosin press platens, it’s important to collect your rosin properly after pressing. Usually, it’s easy to keep your fresh rosin off the plates. However, you might sometimes end up with a little rosin creeping onto your plates. It’s important to collect it as soon as possible before it ends up coating your platens.

When pressing rosin, it’s important to wrap your chosen material in parchment paper. You can buy parchment paper tickets online in various sizes to suit the material you’re using. If you’re using kief or hash, it’s also best to use rosin bags to contain your material. After pressing your chosen material, you can take it out of the bag and unwrap the parchment paper to collect it.

It’s best to use a rosin collection tool to collect the rosin you extract. These tools are perfect for scraping and collecting even the smallest pieces of rosin. Start by collecting all the rosin from your parchment paper. After that, check that no rosin escaped onto your platens. If there is any, scrape it using your collection tool and store it with the rest of your rosin.

How To Clean Up Rosin Press Platens

As long as you keep your plates clean after rosin collection, you shouldn’t need to clean them too often. However, after a while of using your rosin press, you might end up with a little debris on your platens. Plus, it’s a good idea to clean your plates to prevent the build-up of bacteria and ensure you get the best extracts possible.

Fortunately, it’s easy to clean up your rosin press platens. You should first let your platens cool to around 120°F (48°C). If your rosin plates are cold, heat them to this temperature as it’ll help heat any leftover extracts and make them easier to clean. You should also protect your hands with heat-proof gloves or mitts.

Use a microfiber cloth to clean your platens - this is perfect for scraping away dirt without scratching your plates. You should also use 91% Isopropyl Alcohol to disinfect and clean your plates. Apply the alcohol to your cloth and clean thoroughly. You might also want to use metal or aluminum polish to keep your plates shiny. You can then wipe your platens with a wet cloth and dry them before using your rosin press again.

How Often Should You Clean Rosin Press Platens

How Often Should You Clean Rosin Press Platens?

Now you know how to clean your rosin press platens, you might wonder how often you should do so. Rosin press machines are fairly low maintenance and you won’t need to worry about cleaning them constantly. In many cases, you can use your rosin press many times without needing to clean the plates. With that said, cleaning them fairly often isn’t a bad idea.

Some users swiftly clean their platens between every use with isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber cloth. This ensures the plates are free from any debris or bacteria. Other users do so after every few uses. If you notice any debris or dirt on your plates, it’s best to clean them immediately before using them again.

As long as you take measures to prevent damaging your plates, they should remain clean and perfectly functional for a long time. With that said, giving them a quick clean with isopropyl alcohol after every few uses will help. You don’t need to frequently polish your plates, but doing so can keep them looking new and shiny.

Rosin Press Maintenance Tips

Although home rosin presses are surprisingly affordable nowadays, you should still take good care of your machine. A few proper maintenance tips will help ensure that your rosin press performs as efficiently as possible for a very long time. You can also avoid needing to clean your plates constantly with proper maintenance.

Remember to always wrap your material properly in parchment paper and/or rosin bags. Not only does this make collection easier, but it also prevents excess rosin extracts from ruining your plates. Make sure you don’t use too much at one time and, if any rosin gets on your plates, clean it instantly.

Don’t leave your rosin press constantly running and let the plates cool when you’re not using it. As long as you have a high-quality machine and occasionally clean the plates, you shouldn’t have any issues. However, it’s best to get a rosin press machine with a good warranty just in case. Ju1ceBox Rosin Presses come with a helpful 1-year warranty.

Where To Buy A Rosin Press

There are many types and brands of rosin press out there. With that said, it’s best to buy a machine that’s affordable, durable, and capable of producing high-quality extracts without any hassle. Ju1ceBox offers a range of top-quality rosin press machines suited to every type of user.

The Ju1ceBox Handheld Rosin Press is the best home rosin press for extracting quick and easy batches of rosin. Despite its small size, it’s capable of producing excellent extracts and it’s simple enough for anyone to use. You can also get the Ju1ceBox Handheld Rosin Press Master Kit, including all the accessories you need for efficient rosin extraction.

Those looking for something more powerful can check out the Ju1ceBox Twist Top Rosin Press. This rosin press is capable of producing large batches of commercial-grade rosin. For even more power and larger batches, you can also consider the Ju1ceBox 2 Ton Bottle Jack Rosin Press.

Where To Buy A Rosin Press


Learning how to clean up rosin press platens is quick and easy. A microfiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol are all you need to keep your plates fresh and clean. You can also avoid constantly needing to clean your plates by taking good care of your machine and using the right accessories. You can find a range of high-quality rosin press machines and accessories at The Ju1ceBox.

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