Do You Need Heat To Press Rosin?

Do You Need Heat To Press Rosin

Pressing rosin generally involves using a rosin press to produce powerful extracts from flower, hash, or kief. The material is compressed and packaged before being exposed to high levels of heat and pressure. However, various methods of extracting rosin are available - including cold pressing. So do you need heat to press rosin?

The temperature you use to press your rosin can alter your extracts in various ways. For instance, the color, consistency, and even terpene levels of your extracts will largely depend on the heat you use. With that said, even cold pressing involves using a relatively high level of heat. Here’s a guide to hot pressing and cold pressing.

Do You Need Heat To Press Rosin?

If you want to produce rosin extracts from your flower, hash, or kief, you need to use heat and pressure. The terpenes and cannabinoids are only activated and released at well above 100°F, so trying to press rosin without heat won’t work. With that said, you can adjust the heat levels to get different results.

Generally, temperatures of around 200°F - 220°F are recommended for extracting rosin from flower material. Using this level of heat will ensure you get potent, flavorful extracts full of cannabinoids and terpenes. However, you may want to use lower temperatures to alter the consistency.

Cold pressing flower involves pressing your rosin at 180°F - 200°F. These cooler temperatures can still release the cannabinoids and terpenes you need. Many also find that “cold pressing” produces cleaner and smoother extracts. The right temperature to use can also depend on the extraction material you’re using. For instance, colder temperatures are recommended for bubble hash and dry sift.

How To Cold Press Rosin

Cold pressing rosin doesn’t mean that you press it in freezing temperatures. Rather, it means you use lower temperatures than usual to alter the consistency of your extracts. You might want to experiment with cold pressing rosin to obtain different types of extracts. The temperature you should use depends on the material you’re extracting rosin from.

If you’re cold pressing rosin from flower material, temperatures of 180°F - 200°F should work well. You’ll still get potent, flavorful extracts, albeit they might not be as powerful as extracts pressed at higher heat. If you’re using dry sift or hash, you should use lower temperatures of 140°F - 170°F.

Many users experiment with the temperature they use while pressing rosin. While these recommended ranges should give you high-quality extracts, using lower temperatures can also produce interesting results. Just make sure you don’t go too low - terpenes and cannabinoids are usually released at higher temperatures.

How To Cold Press Rosin

How To Hot Press Rosin

Cold pressing rosin can produce interesting results. However, most users prefer to use higher temperatures. Hot pressing rosin helps release the optimal amount of terpenes and cannabinoids, leading to satisfyingly powerful extracts. The temperature you should use still depends on the material you’re using.

If you want to hot press rosin from flower material, you should use temperatures of 200°F - 220°F. This should give you potent, flavorful extracts without any issues. If you’re hot pressing rosin from hash or kief, you should use slightly lower temperatures of 170°F - 200°F. You might want to experiment with the temperature you use to see how it affects the results.

While you can use slightly higher temperatures than these, make sure you don’t go too high. If you use too much heat, you might end up losing valuable terpenes and cannabinoids - degrading the quality of your rosin extracts. Many rosin press machines make it easy to use the right level of heat without going overboard.

Cold-Curing Rosin vs. Hot-Curing Rosin

No matter what temperature you use to press your rosin, you can take the quality a step further by curing it. Curing helps enhance the consistency and texture of your extracts. It can also help boost the flavor of your rosin dabs. There are a couple of approaches to curing rosin - cold-curing and hot-curing.

Cold-curing rosin involves placing your rosin in a sealed jar once it has cooled. You then leave it at around room temperature (50°F to 70°F) for at least 1 to 3 days. Leaving it for up to a week can give you even better results. If you want to cold-cure your rosin faster, you can place it in the refrigerator for a few days.

Hot-curing rosin involves sealing it in a jar and curing it at warmer temperatures. Usually, using around 90°F to 120°F is recommended for hot-curing your rosin. You can cure your rosin in the oven, but using a hot plate or heating pad is generally a better method. Hot-curing your rosin for a few days works well, but you can cure it for up to a week.

How To Adjust The Heat When Pressing Rosin

How To Adjust The Heat When Pressing Rosin

Pressing rosin at different temperatures can give you different results. However, you might wonder how to accurately adjust the heat when pressing rosin. Some rosin press machines will give you the same temperature every time. Other machines let you accurately adjust the temperature so you can choose how you want to press your rosin.

The Ju1ceBox Twist Top Rosin Press features adjustable temperature controls. With adjustable temperatures from 0 - 450°F, you can choose whether you want to cold press or hot press your rosin. It’s also easy to experiment with various temperature ranges to see which gives you the best results.

With that said, you don’t always need to adjust the temperature. The Ju1ceBox Handheld Rosin Press removes the guesswork and gives your extracts the same heat levels every time. This is good for beginners who want to ensure they get high-quality extracts without any hassle.


Do you need heat to press rosin? If you want potent and flavorful rosin extracts, you need to apply the right levels of heat and pressure to your material. Cold pressing rosin can give you different results, but this still involves using relatively high temperatures. With that said, you can cure your rosin at cooler temperatures to enhance its quality.

If you want to start pressing rosin, make sure you buy a reliable rosin press machine. You can find a range of rosin presses and all the rosin accessories you need online at The Ju1ceBox.

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