How To Press Hash With Rosin Press

How To Press Hash With Rosin Press

Using a Rosin Press makes it easy to create exceptional rosin extracts. These extracts are great for smoking, vaping, or dabbing as they’re both highly potent and sensationally flavorful. Many people use flower material to extract rosin, but if you want more potency, you can also learn how to press hash with a rosin press.

Hash is a popular concentrated product known for its brick-like form and high potency. This makes it ideal for rosin extracts. With that said, the process of extracting rosin from hash differs significantly from using flower or kief. You’ll need to know how to adjust your pressing time, temperature, and preparation accordingly.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Here’s a simple guide on how to press hash with a rosin press.

Choose Your Strain Of Hash

Hash is a popular concentrate that’s produced in various ways. Some hash extracts are made simply by compressing dry sift into a solid block - usually using a pollen press. However, you can also find hash made via other processes, such as bubble hash or dry ice hash. There are also many variants, such as Lebanese hash and Afghan hash.

Whichever type of hash you choose, you can also find various strains. Indica strains are known for inducing relaxing effects whereas sativa strains are more stimulating. You can also find hybrid strains of hash. These contain a mix of indica and sativa genetics, meaning they’ll offer balanced effects.

You can use any type or strain of hash to extract rosin. You might want to choose a stimulating sativa strain of bubble hash or some indica dry ice hash. The quality of your hash will dictate the quality of your rosin, so it’s best to choose a top-notch strain. But whichever kind of hash you go with, you’ll need to pack it in a rosin bag.

Place Your Hash In A Rosin Bag

Rosin bags are designed to keep your material secure during pressing. These sturdy bags allow the rosin extracts to flow through small mesh holes. They come in various sizes and the right size to use will depend on the size of your rosin press plates. For instance, you’ll only need small rosin bags if you have a portable handheld rosin press.

You’ll also notice that rosin bags are available in various micron sizes. For materials such as bubble hash and dry sift, low micron sizes are a good choice (15 and 25). In most cases, 37-micron bags will work best for extracting rosin from hash concentrates. These bags are well-suited to a variety of materials, including solid blocks of hash.

Once you have your rosin bags, you’ll need to pack your hash inside. You might want to use a rosin pre-press to compress the corners of your hash before placing it in your bag. You should then wrap a ticket of parchment paper around the bag to contain your extracts. For more information on pressing hash with rosin bags, read our guide on how to use rosin bags properly.

Use A High-Quality Rosin Press

Use A High-Quality Rosin Press

There are many ways to extract rosin, but trying to extract hash rosin by using hair straighteners or a homemade rosin press is never a good idea. If you want to get high-quality extracts from your hash, you’ll need to invest in a high-quality rosin press. Fortunately, it’s easy to find a good home rosin press at an affordable price.

The Ju1ceBox Handheld Rosin Press is an excellent choice for beginners. This simple press can produce high-quality hash extracts without much hassle. You can place your wrapped material on the places, clamp firmly, and produce satisfying rosin in minutes. It’s perfect for casual rosin extraction at home.

Those who want larger yields may want to invest in a larger machine. For instance, the Ju1ceBox Twist Top Rosin Press offers 2.4" x 3.5” plates, adjustable temperature from 0-450'F, and 2.5 tons of pressure. This results in commercial-grade rosin extractions. With that said, those who want to create simple rosin extracts at home likely won’t need something so powerful.

Extract Slowly With Low Temperatures

When it comes to extracting rosin, the temperature you use, the time you press for, and even the pressure you use can all impact your extracts. For instance, when you extract rosin from flower material, it’s generally best to use high temperatures and a lot of pressure, albeit for shorter pressing times.

When extracting hash rosin, it’s better to use longer pressing times and lower temperatures. Using a temperature between 180-220°F works well for producing flavorful rosin extracts. Higher temperatures can result in larger yields. However, when you use high-quality hash strains, it’s often better to use lower temperatures, such as 160°F.

You’ll want to press your hash for a long time without using too much pressure. Pressing your hash slowly for 60 to 90 seconds will generally give you satisfying rosin yields. You might want to press your hash multiple times to extract more rosin. Experimenting with different temperatures and times can help you find the optimal conditions for extracting your hash rosin.

Collect Your Hash Rosin And Store It

After slowly pressing your hash, you should end up with a nice batch of rosin. You should place your wrapped rosin hash on a collection plate to cool your rosin down. This will loosen the parchment paper and make it easier to take out of your rosin bag.

You can collect your rosin extracts using a collection tool. This makes it easy to scoop up sticky rosin dabs and store them elsewhere. It helps to scrape all of your rosin extracts into one spot, making it easier to collect a larger amount.

Silicone containers are ideal for storing your rosin dabs. These will keep your extracts in one place without them sticking to the container. You can then use your collection tool to collect a dab of rosin when you’re ready to use it.

Collect Your Hash Rosin And Store It


Learning how to press hash with a rosin press is a great way to take your rosin collection to the next level. Not only will you get more value out of your hash, but you’ll end up with some incredibly potent and satisfying rosin extracts. Pressing high-quality rosin hash requires the right equipment. Fortunately, you can get everything you need online from The Ju1ceBox.

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