DIY Rosin Press: How to Make a Rosin Press on a Budget

DIY Rosin Press

When it comes to solventless cannabis concentrates, it’s hard to beat rosin. Rosin is a high-quality extract packed with cannabinoids and terpenes made using a completely solventless extraction method. While most people buy a Rosin Press to get the best rosin possible, it’s also possible to make a Rosin Press on a budget.

Even if you plan to buy a high-quality Rosin Press in the future, you might want to experiment with cheaper methods. Rosin extraction involves exposing heat and pressure to your chosen material. As such, it’s possible to produce rosin extracts for cheap by using household objects. Here’s a guide on how to make a Rosin Press on a budget.

How To Make A Rosin Press On A Budget

If you want to produce rosin extracts, you’ll need something that can apply heat and pressure to your material of choice. Ideally, you need a device with heated plates that you can clamp together firmly. However, you also need to ensure you can control the temperature and ensure it isn’t too high. This rules out objects such as clothes irons.

The simplest and cheapest way to produce rosin extracts is with a hair straightener. After all, they’re perfect for clamping and producing heat and pressure without getting too hot. As such, you can clamp your material of choice between the plates of your hair straighteners without burning it.

It’s best to use a pair of hair straighteners that provide large enough plates to get a good yield of rosin. If the plates are too small, you’re unlikely to get an impressive yield of rosin. You should also try to find a pair of straighteners that are durable enough to handle being clamped firmly without breaking.

Some people adapt their hair straighteners into a makeshift home rosin press. You can do this by removing the plastic until you’re left with just the plates and a controller. You can then attach the plates to blocks of wood or another durable surface. This allows for better clamping, but it can also make your straighteners more fragile. As such, many people stick to using hair straighteners as they are.

Get The Material And Accessories You Need

While you can use a pair of hair straighteners as a rosin press, you’ll also need a few other things if you want to make rosin on a budget. First and foremost, you’ll need some kind of material to press. People often produce rosin from cannabis or hemp flower, but you can also use kief or hash.

Flower material is usually pressed by wrapping it in parchment paper. If you already have parchment paper for cooking, you can cut it into small squares for wrapping your material. Alternatively, you can buy parchment paper tickets designed specifically for rosin extraction. Fortunately, these are very cheap.

If you want to extract rosin from kief or hash, it’s best to wrap your material in parchment paper and place it in a micron bag. This will make it easier to clamp your chosen material and get better yields of rosin. You can buy small rosin bags online to enhance your yields - these are also very affordable.

Additionally, you should use a collection tool for gathering your extracts and some kind of container to store them. Rosin collection tools are cheap and easy to buy online. Alternatively, you might find similar tools in your utensil drawer. Silicone containers are ideal for storing dabs, but you could also use small glass jars.

How To Press Rosin With Hair Straighteners

How To Press Rosin With Hair Straighteners

Once you have your hair straighteners and all the material and accessories you need, pressing rosin on a budget is fairly straightforward. It’s best to clamp your chosen material as much as possible before wrapping it in parchment paper. If you’re using kief or hash, you should also place it in a micron bag or rosin bag.

After wrapping your material, place the package on the bottom plate of your hair straighteners and turn them on. Wait for them to heat up until they reach around 280°F to 330°F. Lower temperatures can also work well. Once your plates are hot enough, clamp the plates firmly for 3 to 7 seconds.

You’ll know that rosin is emerging from your material when you hear a sizzle. You might want to clamp your plates multiple times to produce a larger yield of rosin. Once you’re satisfied, turn off your hair straighteners and remove the packaged material from the plates once it’s cool enough. You can then collect your rosin and place it in a container.

Where To Buy A Rosin Press On A Budget

Although making rosin with hair straighteners is cheap and easy, it’s far from the best option. It’s hard to produce high-quality yields of rosin with your average pair of straighteners - especially if the plates are too small or don’t get hot enough. Additionally, it’s easy to break hair straighteners while using them to make rosin, which will result in you needing to buy a new pair.

Luckily, you can make high-quality rosin on a budget without breaking the bank. The Ju1ceBox Handheld Rosin Press is the best home Rosin Press on the market and it’s available for just $99.99. You can also add the equipment you need for cheap, such as parchment paper tickets and rosin bags.

Although it might cost more than a basic pair of hair straighteners, the Ju1ceBox Rosin Press is built to last. It’ll also produce greater yields of high-quality rosin. You won’t need to worry about it breaking too easily and it’ll give you consistent batches of top-notch rosin extracts for years on end. This makes it the greatest option for long-term savings.

Where To Buy A Rosin Press On A Budget


Learning how to make a Rosin Press on a budget is easy. With a few simple accessories and a decent pair of hair straighteners, you can produce rosin extracts from the comfort of your home. With that said, they can also break easily and won’t give you high-quality extracts.

The best way to make rosin on a budget is by using a Home Rosin Press, such as The Ju1ceBox Handheld Rosin Press. It’s affordable, easy to use, and built with durable materials to ensure you get high-quality extracts for years. You can also find other rosin press machines and accessories at The Ju1ceBox.

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