How to Optimize Rosin Press Pressure for Higher Yields

How to Optimize Rosin Press Pressure for Higher Yields

Using a rosin press is incredibly satisfying. You can take your favorite strains of flower, kief, or hash and turn them into potent, flavorful rosin extracts within minutes. However, after making your first few extracts, you might want to learn how to optimize rosin press pressure for higher yields.

Learning how to optimize the pressure of your rosin press helps you get the most out of the material you use. You can ensure that you strain the highest-quality extracts from your press every time you use it. Plus, it’s not just about the pressure. The equipment and material you use also have a major impact - as does your preparation.

With that said, here’s a helpful guide on how to optimize rosin press pressure for higher yields.

Get The Best Rosin Press For Your Needs

The first step to optimizing your rosin yields is to get the best possible rosin press for your needs. While some people choose to press rosin with hair straighteners, this will never result in high-quality yields. Fortunately, you can now find top-notch home rosin presses at affordable prices.

Choosing the right rosin press will also depend on how much you plan to extract. If you only extract small amounts of rosin casually, the Ju1ceBox Handheld Rosin Press will be more than enough for your needs. Using this handheld device allows you to manually apply as much pressure as you need for satisfying yields.

If you want to use more material and get greater yields, you’ll want to invest in something more powerful. The Ju1ceBox Twist Top Rosin Press boasts 2.4" x 3.5” plates, adjustable temperatures from 0-450'F, and up to 2.5 tons of pressure. This is plenty for getting large yields of rosin.

Use High-Quality Material For Rosin Extraction

For the largest and most satisfying yields, you’ll also need to use high-quality material. If you’re using low-quality buds that are chock-full of stems and leaves, you won’t get much rosin out of them. In contrast, choosing a high-quality flower strain that’s packed with potent trichomes is sure to give you satisfying yields.

The way you store your material can also have a major impact. For instance, if you’re extracting rosin from flower material, you’ll want to keep it at the right humidity. If your flower is too dry or overly moist, it will ruin the quality of your rosin yields. Ideally, your flower material should be kept at relative humidity levels between 55% to 62%. You can do this with a humidor or by using Mason jars with humidity packs.

You can also extract high-quality rosin from kief and hash. Your storage methods should vary slightly depending on the material you’re using. For instance, if you’re using hash, you should store it at humidity levels between 60 and 65%. Kief is best stored at humidity levels between 58% and 62%. Make sure you also store your material in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.

Use High-Quality Material For Rosin Extraction

Invest In A Pre-Press And Rosin Bags

Using the best rosin press accessories will also help enhance your rosin yields. Many people skip using accessories like rosin bags and pre-presses as it involves taking extra steps. However, simply taking these extra steps can improve the quality of your rosin extracts significantly. It can also help you achieve larger yields.

Using a rosin pre-press helps you compress your material before using it to extract rosin. Pressing your material makes it easier to fit on your rosin plates, meaning you’ll cover more surface area and extract as much rosin as possible. The Rosin Pre-Press Mold 2" x 2" is ideal for pressing your rosin before extraction.

You should also use rosin bags. These mesh bags keep your material packed tightly, making it easier to press and get greater yields. For pressing flower, you should use 90-micron rosin bags to improve your yields. For hash or kief, 37-micron bags work well. You can choose between small, medium, or large rosin bags depending on the size of your rosin press plates.

Optimize Rosin Press Pressure For Higher Yields

Once you have your rosin press, accessories, and the material you’re using, you simply need to learn how to optimize your pressing. The amount of pressure you use has a huge impact on the size and quality of your yields, so optimizing your pressure will help you get the best extracts possible.

Measured in pounds per square inch (psi), a lower pressure of 300 to 700 psi is recommended for hash. For kief, applying 400 to 800 psi will give you greater yields. More pressure is required for flower material - 600 to 1000 psi is recommended for getting higher yields of rosin from flower strains.

It can be hard to apply this exactly without special equipment and complex calculations. As such, most people experiment with their pressing power to get the best yields. Remember to press firmly and listen for a quiet sizzling sound - this is a good indication that the extraction is going well. Other factors also come into play, such as the size of your plates, how well your material is pre-pressed, and the time and temperature you use.

Optimize Time And Temperature

Pressure is important for getting greater rosin yields. However, optimizing the amount of time you press your rosin will also improve your yields. On top of that, the temperature you use for pressing rosin also has a significant impact on your yields.

It’s generally recommended to start with a pressing time of 40 seconds for flower or 60-70 seconds for kief and hash. However, longer pressing times of 90-120 seconds can help you get higher yields.

The ideal pressing time also depends on the temperature you’re using to press your rosin. Adjusting the pressing time and temperature you use can also alter the consistency of your extracts. For more help with this, read our guide on the best temperatures to press rosin at.

Optimize Time And Temperature


Optimizing rosin press pressure can help you get higher yields. Applying firm pressure for longer times can result in larger batches of rosin. With that said, various other factors also contribute to the quality of your yields.

The equipment you use to press your rosin has a significant impact. A good rosin press will help you optimize the temperature, pressure, and time when you press your rosin. You can find high-quality rosin presses and accessories online at The Ju1ceBox.

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