How to Make Vape Cartridges with Your Rosin

How to Make Vape Cartridges with Your Rosin

Rosin is one of the greatest kinds of cannabis extracts for various reasons. Not only is it easy enough to make rosin at home, but you can use it in all kinds of ways. Some people smoke, vape, or even dab their rosin extracts. Others use rosin to create tasty edibles or infused beverages. You can even learn how to make vape cartridges with your rosin.

Making vape cartridges with your rosin takes a few steps. Fresh rosin is too thick to be vaporized in a vape cartridge, so you’ll need to heat it and liquidize it first. You can then fill vape cartridges with your liquidized rosin extracts before using them with a cartridge vaporizer. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make vape cartridges with your rosin.

Press Your Rosin With A Rosin Bag

Before you create rosin vape cartridges, you’ll need to press a fresh batch of rosin. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to make rosin at home. You can buy a rosin press online and even learn how to use a rosin press. However, if you want to make rosin for vape cartridges, you’ll need to use rosin bags to purify your extracts.

Rosin bags help you create cleaner rosin by filtering your extracts and removing impurities. Using low-micron rosin bags can help you keep excess flower out of your extracts, making them finer and better suited for vaping. You can also use rosin bags for extracting rosin from dry sift or hash. These materials are often better for extracting rosin for vape cartridges.

It’s best to use 15-micron or 25-micron rosin bags to get the finest extracts. Start by filling your rosin bag with your chosen material, wrapping it in parchment paper, and pressing it for 30 to 60 seconds. You might want to press your material multiple times before removing it from your plates and collecting the extracts.

Heat Cure Your Rosin Extracts

If you want to make vape cartridges with your rosin, it needs to be as runny and oily as possible. This texture is achieved by heat-curing your rosin and liquidizing it. After extracting and collecting your rosin, you should immediately place it into a sealable, ovenproof glass jar. You should then place the jar in the oven.

You can heat your rosin at a temperature between 150-220°F. Using a higher temperature will help you heat-cure your extracts faster. Keep an eye on your jar and you’ll notice your extracts becoming runny and forming bubbles. Once no more bubbles are forming, you can remove the jar from the oven and leave it on the side to cool.

While using an oven is the quickest approach to heat-curing your rosin extracts, you can also place your jar on a heating pad if you prefer. Heating your rosin extracts helps you make them runnier and better for vaping. However, you’ll also need to liquidize them before adding them to a vape cartridge.

Liquidize Your Rosin

Liquidize Your Rosin

When using an oil vaporizer, the vapor in your cartridges needs to be as fine and vapeable as possible. Even after heat-curing your rosin, it’s still a little too thick for most oil vaporizers. As such, you’ll need to liquidize it. Some people liquidize their rosin by mixing it with PG/VG solution, but mixing it with liquid terpenes is a much better approach.

You can buy liquid terpenes from various online stores and head shops. These are ideal for filling vape cartridges as, not only are they highly vapeable, but they’re naturally occurring cannabis products that will enhance the flavor and effects of your rosin. You can use a single terpene or a mixture of terpenes.

Mix your heated rosin with your liquid terpenes in a glass jar, using 2-3 drops of terpenes for every gram of rosin you use. You can then place the jar on a heating pad at around 90°F to combine and mix the rosin and terpenes. This should give you a viscous, liquid solution that’s perfect for vaping.

Make Vape Cartridges With Your Rosin

Once you’ve heated and liquidized your rosin, it should be ready for vaping. If you have an oil vaporizer with a refillable chamber, you can fill the chamber with your rosin-infused vape liquid. However, if you’re using a cartridge vaporizer, you’ll need to buy some compatible cartridges, such as empty 510 thread vape cartridges or vape pods.

Open the cap of your empty vape cartridge and use a heated syringe to collect your rosin-infused vape liquid. Make sure you only collect enough vape liquid to fill your cartridge - most cartridges are designed to carry 0.5 grams or 1 gram of vape liquid. After filling your cartridge, reseal the cap.

You can continue this process to fill as many cartridges as you want, depending on how much rosin vape liquid you have. You might want to keep your stored vape liquid on a heating pad to ensure it remains at the ideal viscosity. After filling your cartridges, you can attach them to your vape battery.

Using your rosin vape cartridges is just like using regular vape cartridges. After attaching them to a compatible vape pen or battery, you can simply turn the device on to heat the liquid. This will produce potent vapor that you can then inhale through the mouthpiece for potent effects. Take as many hits as you need to get your desired effects.

Make Vape Cartridges With Your Rosin


Learning how to make vape cartridges with your rosin is a fun project for any rosin enthusiast. You can customize your rosin vape cartridges using different kinds of terpenes and get a phenomenal vaping experience. With that said, the process can be rather complex and time-consuming.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy your rosin extracts. You can vape fresh rosin extracts using a concentrate vaporizer or even dab them with a dab rig. You can also mix your rosin with flower for smoking purposes or even infuse it into edibles and beverages. For more information on how to make and use rosin, check out The Ju1ceBox.

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