What Is The Best Parchment Paper for Rosin Pressing?

What Is The Best Parchment Paper for Rosin Pressing

With a high-quality Rosin Press, anyone can make potent rosin dabs from home. However, in addition to a good rosin press machine, you’ll also need the best tools for making rosin. Accessories like silicone mats and collection tools will help, but the most essential accessory you’ll need is parchment paper.

Using parchment paper keeps your rosin extracts contained when you’re pressing rosin. It also prevents you from damaging the plates of your machine. As a result, you’ll get better, higher-quality yields while keeping your rosin press in prime condition. But what is the best parchment paper for rosin pressing? Here’s a guide to parchment paper for rosin.

Do You Need Parchment Paper For Rosin Pressing?

If you’re new to pressing rosin, you might wonder whether parchment paper is essential. The simple answer is yes. Trying to make rosin without parchment paper can swiftly ruin your yields, as well as the device you use to make them. Plus, parchment paper is affordable and easy to buy online, so make sure you don’t skimp on it.

Parchment paper is used to wrap the material you’re pressing rosin from. For instance, if you’re pressing rosin from your favorite cannabis flower strain, you’ll need to package it in a ticket of parchment paper. Similarly, you should use parchment paper to wrap hash or dry sift before pressing - along with a rosin bag.

Without parchment paper, your rosin extracts will cover your plates and might end up sticking to them. Trying to collect rosin from your plates will result in you scratching them, ruining their quality and efficiency. On top of that, your extracts will diminish in quality and you’ll get a smaller yield than you would with parchment paper.

What Parchment Paper Size Should You Use?

When buying parchment paper, it’s important to pick the right size for your needs. Rosin press parchment paper tickets are designed to fit your plates without too much excess material. 

Remember that your parchment paper shouldn’t be the same size as your plates. You’ll want to wrap your material by folding each ticket at least once. You might also want some extra space for packaging rosin bags. As such, your parchment paper should be at least twice the size of your plates, if not more.

For instance, The Ju1ceBox Handheld Rosin Press features 1" x 1.5" plates. Using the 5” x 3” Handheld Rosin Press 32LB Parchment Paper will ensure you can pack your material securely even if you’re using rosin bags.

In contrast, The Ju1ceBox Twist Top Master Rosin Press has 2.4" x 3.5” plates. As such, you’ll want larger parchment paper tickets with plenty of extra room. At 9" x 7", Table Top Rosin Press 37LB Parchment Paper works well for this.

If you feel that your parchment paper tickets are too big after wrapping your material, don’t worry. You can easily cut the excess material with scissors for a tighter fit.

What Parchment Paper Size Should You Use

What Is The Best Parchment Paper for Rosin Pressing?

Parchment paper is essential for collecting top-notch rosin yields. However, you’ll need parchment paper specifically designed for rosin pressing. Your parchment paper needs to be thick, sturdy, and reliable. It should also be the right size for your plates. In other words, don’t try using the same parchment paper you’d use for baking.

You can buy the best rosin accessories, including parchment paper, from The Ju1ceBox. Here, you’ll find parchment paper tickets that are non-stick, heat-resistant, and pre-cut to fit your plates perfectly. Not only will these parchment paper tickets give you fruitful yields, but they’ll also make collecting your rosin smooth and hassle-free.

It’s important to choose the right parchment paper for your device. For smaller plates, the Handheld Rosin Press 32LB Parchment Paper (5" x 3") should work perfectly. For larger plates, you’ll want to opt for the Table Top Rosin Press 37LB Parchment Paper (9" x 7”). You can also buy multipacks if you want to stock up on parchment paper for future pressing.

Should You Also Use Rosin Bags?

Rosin bags are another handy rosin accessory used to enhance your yields and contain your extracts. Rosin bags aren’t always essential - if you’re extracting rosin from cannabis flower, you can get by with parchment paper alone. However, if you plan to extract rosin from hash and dry sift, you should use a rosin bag. They’re also sometimes used to enhance flower extraction.

Like with parchment paper, you should choose the right size of rosin bags for your rosin press plates. Rosin press bags also come in different micron sizes. For more information on different types of rosin bags and which ones you should pick, read our guide on how to use rosin bags properly.

Smaller micron sizes (15 and 25) are generally the best for extracting rosin from dry sift and bubble hash. However, 37-micron rosin bags are usually the best choice for extracting from a range of materials, including dry sift, hash, and flower. You can also use larger micron sizes for larger yields when extracting rosin from flower.

How To Use Parchment Paper

Rosin extraction involves wrapping a material such as cannabis flower, hash, or dry sift, before applying it to your rosin press plates.

You’ll want your parchment paper ticket to fit your rosin press plates. As such, you should place your material in one half of your parchment paper ticket before folding it in half. Leaving some room at the edge can help you collect your rosin extracts.

If you’re using rosin bags, start by packaging your material tightly into the bag, leaving only half an inch of space. You might want to use a pre-press to compress the material further. You can then wrap a ticket of parchment paper around your rosin bag.

How To Use Parchment Paper


Parchment paper makes every aspect of rosin extraction better. It’ll enhance your yields, protect your rosin press plates from being damaged, and even make collection much smoother and easier. If you’re looking for high-quality parchment paper and mesh bags for rosin extraction, you can find everything you need at The Ju1ceBox.

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